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Adria Ellis Model School Psychology Intern Supervisor Recognition Award

Based upon the NASP Best Practices for School Psychology Intern Field Supervision and Mentoring manual, AASP recently created a recognition program for honoring internship supervisors who demonstrate the best practices in supervising and mentoring in Alabama. This is named in honor of Adria Ellis, a champion for School Psychology in Alabama, dedicated AASP member, and model intern supervisor herself.

Based on the assumption that quality supervision and intern experiences requires collaboration between school psychology/psychometry graduate programs, interns, and field sites, the nomination process for the recognition will originate with faculty in graduate programs. Nominations will also include the input of a colleague of the nominee and the intern who has received internship supervision from the nominee in recent year.

To qualify, the nominee must:

                • have supervised at least one school psychology/psychometry intern over the past year period;
                • have consistently demonstrated the preponderance of qualities reflected in the NASP Best Practice Guidelines for Intern Field Supervision and Mentoring, with no major concerns noted;
                • be a current AASP member; and
                • have not received the recognition in the last five years.

Each school psychology/psychometry graduate program man nominate one internship supervisor per academic year. Programs wishing to nominate an intern site supervisor for recognition should submit an application. The nomination form must be completed and submitted by the graduate faculty. The application should also include a brief letter of support for the nomination from a professional colleague working in the same school district. The letter should address the nominee’s professional practice, supervision, and indicate support for the nomination. The selected supervisor will be mailed a signed, dated certificate of recognition from AASP. The selected supervisor will also be recognized publicly at the AASP annual conference.


The first recipient (2019) of the Adria Ellis Model School Psychology Intern Supervisor Recognition Award is Alana Urban of Baldwin County Schools. Ms. Urban has recently supervised several UAB school psychometry interns and has provided them with innovative and comprehensive supervision. Her interns adore her and learn a tremendous amount from her. Alana truly has a wealth of influence over the future direction of our field.  

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